Aero-EX high performance extinguishers are designed to target high risk fires of a limited size. They are ideally suited to confined spaces such as homes, hotel rooms, vehicles, public transport, aviation, marine or leisure and dedicated processes where in all instances fires need to be suppressed in their infancy before developing into a fully established fire.

The Aero-EX extinguishers are manufactured in Great Britain which ensures complete control over the quality of the finished product. Together, with our technical expertise and support, Aero-EX extinguishers are a safe and reliable choice.

As you would expect from a UK company that is committed to quality, we adhere to the relevant industry standards. Aero-Ex extinguishers are maintenance free and have a 3 year service life.

The aerosols use an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent called AVD which is made from naturally occurring vermiculite and is propelled using nitrogen.

burning laptop

The Lith-EX extinguisher is suited to a variety of fire scenarios including domestic (laptops, tablets, mobile phones), public spaces, public transport, vehicles, marine, aviation, industrial and leisure applications.